The Hunter 1.0

A realistic hunting simulation game with great graphics and tons of habitats to explore

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The Hunter is a strategy and shooter game designed to mimic the skill and tactics necessary to be a successful hunter. The hunter's prey in this tactical game is a grizzly bear and various other animals, each of which come with different challenge levels.


  • The game really does endeavor to provide a realistic presentation of hunting to a gamer. This includes the need for stealth and to employ appropriate strategies in stalking and taking down challenging prey.
  • The Hunter looks towards the long haul, which is another benefit of the game. A player earns licenses are he or she progresses through levels of play. Each license gives a gamer the ability to hunt for a specific type of animal. The prey become more challenging to stalk and kill as person garners more experience playing The Hunter.
  • The game includes a PDA device that permits a hunter the ability to track prey. The only thing that really appears on the screen is the player's hand and whatever weapon he or she is using at the time. This simplicity and focus renders the game more entertaining to play because a gamer does not need to worry about peripheral issues.
  • The game permits a relatively significant amount of customization, as players can create an avatar to suit their particular tastes as opposed to relying on a stock image.
  • One of the other positive elements of the game is the ability of for player to access an ever-increasing variety of weapons as his or her experience level increases.


  • The only real notable negative aspect associate with the game is found in the fact that it lacks any real tutorial or learning materials. A person pretty much is tossed into the game with no real directions, no matter how limited his or her experience may be with this type of game. There are some FAQs available that do provide some help once a person actually starts playing the game. However, the essentials of the game prove to be fairly easy for most people to address after playing for a short period of time.

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